Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts

The truth of the everyday and the unknown will always be in shadows of the American media. Today is a new day, welcome to "The Truth Hurts" where everyday controversial topics you talk about behind closed doors are discussed up close and personal. Count on us to bring you real opinions of your neighbors and your inner thoughts.

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    038: SUSHII

    THP EP 38: On this episode we sit down with the one and only R&B Singer Adrian Deon better known as "Sushii" to discuss his passion for music and where it all started, shares a hidden project, speaks about music business, and his love for football plus more! Tune in to this podcast to learn more about Sushii!!

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    037: Free Hemp

    EP. 037 Free Hemp: In this episode Host JBV sits down with Daulton Oneill to discuss the revolution of hemp and all its benefits. Daulton opens up about his personal attachment to hemp and how this spectacular plant changed his life for the better.

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    036: Order In Courtship

    EP 036: On this Flash Back Friday we revisit a conversation between Jess (Host of Real&Refined) and HCAP! High School classmates rekindle topics and events from the past. HCAP shares his perspectives about women in New Orleans VS Dallas, and JESS dives deep into her personal experience's in courtship. This episode is packed with humor and thrills. TUNE IN!






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    035: TheBeautyofPR

    EP 035: In this episode we are in Houston, Texas to sit down with Kariss Gordon better known as The Beauty of PR (Public Relations), She explains her name and the beauty behind PR, Talks with us about social media and the importance of having social media presence for businesses nowadays plus more.

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    034: UPROAR

    Jonathan Blake Vasquez visits HCAP in New Orleans, LA. In this episode they recap the NOLA experience and the opportunities they've came across in the few days Jonathan has been in town plus more

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    033: RIKKI BLU

    In this episode Dallas,TX native RIKKI BLU joins us at Truth Hurts Podcast where he takes us on a emotional roll coaster on how he first started getting into music making beats to finally getting on the mic, how his mother's death made him look at life different, to going to college making a name for himself in another city and state but staying true to his roots, how the opportunity to get on Sway In The Morning came about and much more!!

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    032: In The Moment

    In this episode our Host discuss about current adversities, manifesting your dreams into reality, Give props to KRS One Lecture, and discuss if boredom is a choice.

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    030: The Mind of Kanye

    On this episode of Truth Hurts Podcast Host Jonathan Blake Vasquez and Musician/Rapper DVGGER discuss about Kanye's most recent controversy. Touched on Kanye's slavery comments and what he meant by them, Kanye supporting Trump, Is Kanye a genius or crazy? and can we forgive him when its all said and done?

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    029: Laborers of Love

    On this episode of THP our Host HCAP is joined with two New Orleans Natives! Comedian and internet sensation SubTweetSean stops in to speak about his passion and drive as a comedian, his first major performance on stage at Jazz Festival, plus his story on how he found his passion in the world. Dorian Francis shines light on his brand and what it means to be a laborer of love. He also speaks on his experiences that has led him to be known as “Dobama” The Hood Obama. Tune in to get a taste of New Orleans culture and insight on what’s to come!

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